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SmartGPX - GPX in your Pocket

Pocket Query viewer for Symbian OS Smartphones !


SmartGPX is a geocaching.com Pocket Query viewer for Symbian OS based smartphones. It is designed to be as simple as possible. You can hold your GPS receiver in one hand and your Symbian OS device in the other hand to view your location and the cache description at the same time. The actuals versions of SmartGPX are quite stable now and have a wide range of functionalities, that make Geocacher's life a bit easier.

There are versions for
  • S60 2nd edition (Nokia 6680, N70 etc.)
  • 3rd edition (N73, N80, E61, N95 etc.) and 5th edition (Nokia 5800, N97)
  • Series 80 (Nokia Communicator 9500, 9300/9300i)
  • UIQ3 (Sony Ericsson P990i, M600i, W960i, Motorola MOTORIZR Z8)
devices available.

Features of the current version:

  • Read Pocket Queries in GPX format available for Premium Members at geocaching...
  • Import GPX files from filesystem (phone memory on C:\ or memory card on E:\).
  • Show all caches in an overview list with information about cache type, TB inside, found.
  • Cache list order by name, waypoint name (GCxxxx), distance/direction, difficulty, date hidden, date of last log.
  • Set filter for Geocache list (Filter by name, container, type, distance/direction, found/not found)
  • Show cache description in a detail view as plain text and HTML with other information.
  • Additional images for cache descriptions can be downloaded and displayed via network. See "Copying additional images to the device" below.
  • Show hints encrypted and decrypted.
  • Show logs entered for a cache.
  • Show travelbugs contained in a cache
  • Enter additional notes for caches.
  • Set "Found it" flag for caches that have been found
  • Cache finds can be added as notes to the device calendar
  • Support for opencaching.de GPX files.
  • S60: Export Geocaches to Landmark DB (2) (3)
  • S60: Get current position from connected or built-in GPS receiver (2)
  • S60: Start navigation applications from within SmartGPX (3)
  • Spoiler Sync/Geopics.pl support
  • Import of all GPX files from a directory
  • Supported languages:
    V1.0: English, German, Danish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Hungarian, Portugues, Swedish, Romanian, Catalan, Spanish, Afrikaans
    V1.1: English, German
  • Support for S60 5th edtion with Touch UI
  • New "Log your visit" functionality:
    Log entries can be created on the device. This functionality replaces the "Found it" and "Notes" function. The local database will be converted to take over previously entered notes. This may take some time at the first start.
  • New "My logs" view and field notes export:
    All logs can be viewed and edited in a separate view. From this view, logs can be exported as field notes and uploaded to geocaching.com (See Access my field notes, upload as Colorado or Oregon field notes ). This is the most interesting of the new features because it can safe a lot of time after a long caching day.
  • Cache counter:
    The cache counter can be set to an initial value and will be incremented automatically if you log a cache as "Found" (See "Log your visit" in the detail view)
  • Use GrabbedImages from GSAK:
    SmartGPX can use the GrabbedImages downloaded with GSAK. To download all images contained in a cache description use "Database -> Grab images..." in GSAK and follow the instructions. All images will be stored in a folder called GrabbedImages. To find this folder use "Tools -> GSAK Folder finder", select "Application data" to open a new Explorer, then select the "data" directory. On Windows Vista this folder is located somewhere at "!:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\gsak\data". Copy the complete GrabbedImages directory to the memory card of your device and select it in the Settings view of SmartGPX.
  • Simple "Bookmark" view:
    Geocaches listed in the list view can be bookmarked. All bookmarked caches can be displayed in a separate view. Use cursor left/right to switch between views or select "Bookmarks->Show" on touch display devices that don't have cursor keys.
  • Manually enter a location and export it to the Landmark DB:
    In "Options->Landmarks" is a new menu "Enter manually" to add additional waypoints to the Landmark DB. This is useful for Multi-Caches (needs SmartGPXAddOn 0.7.1).
  • AFTrack integration:
    There is an AFTrack menu in the detail view that provides the items "Show" and "Goto". More functions will follow (needs SmartGPXAddOn 0.7.1)
(1) Only for S60 2nd edtion because this feature requires Symbian Signing
(2) The installation of the SmartGPXAddOn packages is required on S60 3rd edition to enable this feature.
(3) Only for S60 3rd edition. Previous versions don't have a Landmark DB

Here are some screenshots taken on a Nokia 6680:

Some screenshots of the UIQ3 version on the UIQ3 emulator

Limitations of the actual versions:

  • Available only in English

Some planned features for next versions

  • Open links in cache descriptions with web browser.
  • Open link to the cache on geocaching.com.
  • Integration of location service functionlity on S60 2nd and 3rd edition devices with an AddOn package.
  • Database for trackable items.

Copying additional images to the device

If a Geocache description contains links to images - usually as >img< HTML tag - the Options menu item "Download Pictures" will be displayed. Selecting this item will open a network connection and try to download the pictures via HTTP. You will be asked for the access point to use, so downloading via WiFi is possible if supported by the device.

SmartGPX will search for images belonging to a Geocache on phone memory and on memory card when opening the detail view. The pictures can also be put onto memory card manually. The directories searched for pictures are the following:

S60 2nd edition:
<drive>:\Data\SmartGPX\Images\<waypoint name>

S60 3rd edition:
<drive>:\Data\SmartGPX\Images\<waypoint name>

Series 80:
<drive>:\Data\Images\SmartGPX\<waypoint name>

UIQ3 (tested on Sony Ericsson M600i, Moto devices could be different):
...in phone memory:
c:\Other\SmartGPX\Images\<waypoint name> or
c:\Media Files\Other\SmartGPX\Images\<waypoint name> or
...on memory card:
e:\Media files\Other\SmartGPX\Images\<waypoint name> or
e:\Other\SmartGPX\Images\<waypoint name>

Note: The real internal path in phone memory is c:\Media files\Pictures\SmartGPX but the "Media files" directory is hidden when viewing the content with the Windows Explorer.

If a Geocache has the waypoint name GCAB1234 the path on memory card looks like this:

2nd edition -> e:\Data\SmartGPX\Images\GCAB1234
3rd edition -> e:\Data\SmartGPX\Images\GCAB1234
Series 80 -> e:\Data\Images\SmartGPX\GCAB1234
UIQ3 int. -> c:\Other\SmartGPX\ImagesGCAB1234
UIQ3 ext. -> c:\Other\SmartGPX\Images\GCAB1234

The file names must be the same as the filenames of the <img> URL. It should be possible to use "Save Image As..." from the geocaching.com cache description page.

Note: Only the pictures referred to in the descriptions will be downloaded and displayed. Some caches contain a gallery with more pictures. These pictures will not be displayed or download because they are not linked in the GPX files.

If the pictures are displayed too small they can be viewed with the Gallery application also. It will find the pictures automatically.

Maybe some of you would like to give it a try. Please note that this is an early ALPHA snapshot and some functionality (network and image display) is still missing.

Using Spoiler Sync with SmartGPX

Version 0.11.8 for S60 and UIQ3 integrates support for Spoiler Sync and geopics.pl.

Downloaded spoiler pictures can be copied to the mobile device to any directory in phone memory or on memory card. The directory can be selected in the SmartGPX "Settings" view as "Local pictures (Spoiler Sync)" directory and be checked every time when opening the detail view of a Geocache.

Local pictures (Spoiler Pictures) will be displayed automatically if selecting "Always show spoiler pictures" in the "Settings" view.

SmartGPX checks for the availability of HTML files with the name <waypoint>.html, e.g. GC12345.html and uses the image references to load the spoiler pictures. Spoiler Sync generates these files when the option "Create web pages for spoilers and index.html" is selected. geopics.pl generates these files automatically. Without the HTML files, no spoiler picutures will be found.

Thanks for your help

I would like to thank the following people for their translation of the SmartGPX program strings:

cal_sabadell Spanish, Catalan
Daniel Vrabioiu Romanian
Shchenka Polish
Marcel van Dorp Dutch
László Zila Hungarian
Geo Friends (Laurentino) Portuguese
HansLena Danish
Renier Gertzen Afrikaans
team_rmma Swedish
Murre&Mirre Finnish
Uza Czech

Great work, guys!!

Copyright (C) 2010 by Dimitri Brukakis. All rights reserved
The Groundspeak Geocaching Logo is a trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. Used with permission.